Mission: Blacklist Shoot Start Date Listed as Sept. 30, 2013; Majority of Filming (75%) in California

I’ve been tracking the status of the Mission: Blacklist Production’s application for tax credits for filming in California since the announcement of lottery winners. We all learned that Mission: Blacklist won in the lottery, but that was not the official approval.

In July the official list of lottery winners that were approved to move forward under the program was created (after additional review by the film commission). I requested this list in early July and obtained a copy of the list today (before Deadline announced the “fall shoot.”)

Mission: Blacklist is approved under the Tax Incentive Program and its start of photography date is September 30, 2013.

Under this program, the production must film either 75% of its days in California, or spend 75% of its production budget in California.

Here is the document I obtained today from the program. Good news, yes? Always nice to have a date.

Source: Telephone call to the California Film Commission; they sent this document to me.


Edits later same day:

  • I typed 70% by mistake above and in the title  when I first posted, and that’s gets in the url when I create the post. My notes from talking with the state office was 75% (budget or shoot days) as explained above. 75%, not 70%. 
  • Also, I tweeted that the shoot date  is from the film commission not from the production. My understanding from talking with the office however, is that by July 1 they would have finished their review of the various productions’ applications, and when the list was created it reflected those productions that were approved by the state AND said they intended to move forward and film under the program. That is, they were a “go”.  I can only assume the dates of the “start of photography” come direct from the production. I say that because where else would it come from? But to be perfectly clear, the Mission: Blacklist shoot date did not come direct “from the horse’s mouth” so to speak. It’s from the state office.

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vana —

Thank you for your research and update.

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As this movie is an independent film, will the distribution be limited in the US? If so, why not show America’s best loved young actor, as well as, one of the most important events in recent history in wide release, unless money ‘s not important to the backers?

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Bucky W —

It’s early to be concerned about distribution, but the more chatter there is out there supporting the film moving forward, the better. It’s never too soon to start that- online and in real llfe (!). So, thanks for your comment!

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